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Kids Dentistry

As a parent, we understand the concern you have for the health of your children’s dental health. We at SmileTime Dental work with you to minimize the amount of dental work your children will need as adults by taking an early, proactive approach in the maintenance of your child’s oral health. Dental care for children requires the services of a highly trained specialist, and your children will be met by our child care specialist (Pedodontist) who will walk you and your children through the importance of oral hygiene for developing teeth. We will also evaluate the need for any type of space maintaining devices to avoid overcrowding in the future, which frequently reduces the need for future orthodontic braces.

At Smiletime Dental,We firmly believe in the use of sealants, which are a protective coating placed on teeth which can prevent cavities on that tooth surface. Early visits to the dentist have the added benefit of making your child much less fearful of the dentist as an adult.

We also offer local, general and sedation anesthesia options for our young patients.


Dental space maintenance is essential in cases of premature loss of primary dentition to prevent malposition, supra-eruption, impaction, or crowding of the developing permanent teeth. Many types of space maintainers are available and each type is specifically designated for particular indications. Space maintainers have many classifications according to their design, their fixation pattern, their position, and their site. They can be fixed, semi-fixed, or removable, with or without loops, wires, and/or bands, unilateral or bilateral, and are placed on mandibular or maxillary arches. The most commonly used space maintainers are loops and bands, fixed lingual arches, Nance appliances and transpalatal arches.

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