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Smile Designing

Smile Designing

The Quest for Beauty

Beauty is that “which gives the highest degree of pleasure to the senses or to the mind and suggests that the object of delight approximates one’s conception of an ideal.” Ever since primitive people first smeared their faces and bodies with pigments from the earth and admired the result, the quest for beauty has been expressed by every human culture. While the various cultures of the world, past and present, may differ widely in their standards of beauty, the response to beauty is universal and spans all time.

Smile designs can be accomplished through a combination of cosmetic dental procedures with veneers,orthodontics,bleaching, implants, crowns, bridges and gum surgeries. After a thorough consultation to elicit your needs, we would custom design a set-up in wax through imaging and provide a cosmetic preview without actually having the work done. This will enable one to visualize the final results.

Alterations to improve appearance can result in positive changes in personality and self-esteem. Naturally, any cosmetic procedure should be undertaken with careful planning, realistic expectations, and a thorough understanding of the inherent risks and complications that can occur.

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