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Zygomatic & Pterygoid Implants

Have you been told by your conventional two piece implantologist that, you are not a candidate for implants in upper jaw because, you do not have enough bone especially in the distal maxilla or is advising you to undergo sinus lifts and augmentation since there is no bone to place dental implants.

The distal half of the upper jaw is, the most difficult area for placing implants because of the presence of Sinus cavity and rarified distal upper jaw bone. Also in situation where there is severe atrophy of the maxilla, different procedures like Sinus lifts and bone grafts were undertaken which increased the number of sittings as they are surgical procedures, they also multiplied the treatment time and the cost. These procedures were accepted by the patients as, there was no other alternative. But, after the induction of the tuberopterygoid implants, patients are reluctant to go through those processes as they are traumatic, avoidable and associated with low success rate.

When the upper grinding teeth are lost and are not replaced on time, it leads to drooping of the sinus there by resulting in bone resorption making it difficult for tooth replacement, some conventional implantologists suggest Sinus lift procedure, which is a complex traumatic surgical approach, that is totally unpredictable and takes approximately 6 to 8 months to heal. All the patients interested in getting permanent teeth in 3 days on implants are suitable candidates for tuberopterygoid implants as pterygoid bone is present in all the patients. Pterygoid bone is present distal to the second molar region in the upper jaw and is the only option available if you want to avoid cantilevers, but it requires a very experienced hand with an in depth knowledge of Anatomy of the surrounding areas.

Zygomatic Implants

Zygomatic implants are a graft less treatment remedy for extremely resorbed Maxilla and is a substitute for conventional bone grafting and only solution for implants where maxillary bone is completely resorbed, these are a substitute to traditional implants.These implants are to be used for reconstruction of atrophic edentulous upper jaw as a viable alternatives to sinus lift procedures and bone grafts. Zygomatic implants are different from traditional implants as, they gain anchorage from cheek bone or the Zygomatic bone unlike the others which are placed in the upper jaw bone that is the Maxillary bone.The placement of zygomatic implants is indicated when there is severe atrophy of the maxilla and is not feasible to place the regular implants. This atrophy may be the result of Trauma,Bone pathology,congenital defects,Tumor resection or Pneumatization of the maxillary sinus.

Because of its high mineralization content, the Zygomatic bone is more condensed and cortical in character thereby, allowing wide stress distribution. These factors attribute to the permanent teeth in 3 days, reducing the therapy schedule and providing comfort to the patient that is the reason why these are called immediate loading implants.

Zygomatic implants are considered as an alternatives to sinus lift procedures and are often accompanied regular basal implants depending on the requirement.

In contrast to the bone grafts procedures, treatment with zygomatic implants involves minimal invasive surgery, reduced treatment time, immediate loading implants and restoration choice, low maintenance,better cure,less recovery time with no donor site morbidity and superior success rate.

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